Donation to Ocean in Balance

Help us with the next 100 years!

The coastal, small-scale fishing has been around for a thousand years.

It delivers freshly caught fish and is gentle towards our marine environment.

Therefore, we want to the coastal fishing to last at least 100 years more as an active industry.

For that we want to construct a series of 10 Nordic sea boats within the next 20 years and initiate a continued renewal of the coastal, small-scale fishing fleet – combing the newest technology with the traditional boat type. The total sum needed is 7.150.000 EUR to make this process lasting.

For you, who would like to support the construction of Nordic clinker-built fishing vessels

Ocean in Balance kindly receives donations from people wanting to take part in creating a future for the low-impact, sustainable coastal fishing in Jammerbugt by supporting the construction of sea boats for the young generation of coastal, small-scale fishers in Thorupstrand, Denmark.

The donations will be used for materials and for paying the boat builders.

The clinker-built hull costs 2 million DKK – 286.000 EUR

The wheelhouse and cabin cost 1 million DKK – 143.000 EUR

The equipment with machinery and winch cost 2 million DKK – 286.000 EUR


A boat is leased to a young fishing family, who after a leasing period of 15 years take over the boat as their property.

The fishers’ leasing payment is used for the construction of yet another boat for the next family.

In this way, you can contribute to creating a continuous construction of oak boats for the small-scale fishing from the coastal landing place.

All kinds of donations are of interest – if we are enough who supports, we can reach the goal together.


If you are interested in supporting/collaborating with us, please contact:
Thomas Højrup, chairman,

Donations can be transferred to Ocean in Balance’s account:

Klim Sparekasse, Oddevej 25, Klim, 9690 Fjerritslev, Denmark

IBAN: DK9191350000196703 BIC: KLIMDK21